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Please email for full copywriting portfolio including content under paywall.

Nonprofit Fundraising and Communications

At East Side Neighborhood Services, a social services nonprofit organization, I wrote and edited copy for fundraising materials such as our annual report and fundraising letters as well as social and email copy. 

2020 Report to Community

In 2020, we received record-breaking numbers of donations, with hundreds of people donating for the first time. While it was easy to focus on the challenging parts of the year, we wanted to make sure that those donors understood the impact of their gifts. In the fall of 2020 we produced our first "report to community" - not an annual report, but a collection of five stories that highlighted successes achieved by program staff, participants, volunteers, and community partnerships.


2019 End of Year Fundraising Email Campaign

Although East Side Neighborhood Services now serves people across Hennepin County, the idea of neighbors is obviously still central to our organization. Our end of year campaign messaging in 2019 focused on the concept of neighborhood. We asked donors to think about what they considered their own neighborhood and then presented stories of the people we consider our neighbors.


Through a coordinated fundraising effort of print mail, email, and social media as well as donor calls and meetings, we met our goal of $50,000!


Justice for George Floyd, Justice for Minneapolis

Minneapolis was the epicenter of racial justice uprisings in 2020. Although East Side had been going through an internal equity process, in May 2020 we had yet to release a public statement about our commitment to racial equity. We knew that in order to develop the transformative relationship in community that we wanted, we needed to make our positioning clear.


After an intensive internal process that engaged all staff, we released a statement on racial justice in June, positioning ourselves historically, condemning the murder of George Floyd, and committing to specific actions as an organization in the coming months and years. 

Email me for full text of statement.

Roleplaying Games and Zines

As a freelance artist, I write and design tabletop roleplaying games and supplemental materials. 


How do I play D&D? is an absolute beginner's guide to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. This D&D supplemental condenses much of the information in the Player's Handbook into 28 pages. Picking up a system like D&D can be intimidating. A game with a 200+ page rulebook is hard to get into no matter how friendly your DM is! How do I play D&D? uses visual charts and simple formulas to get at the essence of the systems that underlay D&D - systems that are often not stated outright in the official rules. With lots of positive reviews from kids and adults alike, it seems to be a successful tool to help new players learn the game!

Raging Hearts: Passion on the Battlefield is a one-shot system intended as a system-agnostic PVP minigame to be incorporated into a ongoing campaign in other systems. Sometimes two of the player characters just can’t get along and the only solution is to battle it out! This game requires a commitment to roleplaying on the part of both fighters - it’s intended to replace crunchy, numbers-driven battles with a more structured cinematic feeling. The GM oversees the fight, but the fighters drive it. This game is played using existing characters, so the character-generation process is minimal. 

In my bag I have... is a short zine that works as a supplemental for character creation in any adventuring game system. It uses the physical objects that a character brings with them on their travels to develop that character's backstory. The zine asks: On the road as an adventurer, you have to choose what you allow to weigh you down. What do you carry?

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